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    Commercial Garage Door Service in Medford

    15814558_sCommercial and industrial garage doors take a much harder beating than garage doors that are installed and used every day in residential homes. Because of this, it is important to have a garage door that can withstand the increased usage. That is why commercial and industrial garage doors are made more durable, thicker and out of stronger materials than that of residential garage doors. American Industrial Door in Medford understands the important differences between commercial and residential garage door needs. That is one of the many reasons why we are the area specialist when it comes to any type of commercial/industrial garage door that you need for your business. Having the right garage door that is installed correctly is imperative for you to operate your company on a daily basis without worry that an employee or customer may be harmed by faulty installation or repair.

    At American Industrial Door of Medford, we offer many different types of commercial and industrial garage doors and we are confident that we have one that will fit your business needs perfectly. We install and repair both internal and external commercial doors of all kinds, including fire doors and garage doors of varying thicknesses and materials. Here is an overview of some of the most common commercial and industrial doors that we specialize in:

    One Piece Garage Doors. This is a solid type of door, made to swing up and then be propped or secured back into the garage or work area. These are not as common anymore but are still found in older commercial workspaces.
    Sectional Garage Doors. These are also known as overhead garage doors and started to replace one piece garage doors many years ago and are comprised of sections instead of being one whole piece.
    Roll Up Garage Doors. These doors are quite common and are designed to roll up and be stored right above the opening to the work space. They are often installed in places that need an increase in security or protection from extreme weather. These are also sometimes referred to as service doors.
    Aluminum Garage Doors. These types of doors give your work or office space more visibility and an increase in light, making them common in workspaces that utilize both inside and outside spaces. They can be used strictly as external doors but are also used as partitions in some office spaces.
    Service Doors. Service doors are often found inside workspaces, as they consist of slat profiles that can be perforated for increased airflow and visibility. Because they are made of aluminum and stainless steel, they can easily be painted to match the colors of any workplace.
    Counter Doors. These are internal doors that are lightweight and made to easily be open and shut over a counter top or to close off smaller workspaces when needed. They are the type of rolling door that you frequently see in pharmacies and concession stands.
    Security Grilles. These doors do not completely close off a space, as they are made entirely of slats to allow increased visibility, usually for security and safety. They can be made to roll from top to bottom or from side to side, making them quite versatile. They are often found in malls and schools.

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    When your business is in need of garage, service or fire door installation, repair and maintenance, call the professionals that other companies in Medford already do. American Industrial Door is here for your business needs!

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