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    “Spring Forward & Fall Back” – It’s Garage Door Safety Month!

    21892439_sDid you know that your garage door is the largest moving object in your home? Without proper maintenance it can cause serious injuries. You can look to American Industrial Door, LLC, for complete garage door maintenance, service, and installation. We want to make sure your garage door is operating safely, but we’re also happy to offer parts, products, and advice for the “do-it-yourselfer.” Whether you do it – or we do it – we want to make sure your door is operating correctly and safely – every one of the 10,000 times it opens and closes during it’s lifetime!

    At American Industrial Door we’d like to suggest that you think of your garage door the way you think of your smoke detector. We check our smoke detectors twice a year to make sure they’re operating properly. How do we remember to check our smoke detectors? The yearly Daylight Saving’s Time catchphrase – “spring forward/fall back” works well – and we think everyone should apply that to garage doors too! Inspecting your garage door in the spring is a good idea because your door has just been through a long winter. In the Rogue Valley, that means it’s been operating in cold and wet and mud and snow. Those are optimum conditions for causing metal to rust, and seals and other plastic parts to crack. Checking it in the fall because makes sense because it needs to be in good shape so it can withstand the winter that’s coming on. Ask anyone who’s been late for work and stuck in their garage because it won’t open – and they’ll tell you that they will never ignore this essential maintenance and safety check again! And if you have difficulty remembering this, you can set up an annual inspection schedule with American Industrial Doors. We’ll happily send a trained door technician to your home twice a year to inspect and service your door, so you can leave the “springing forward” and “falling back” to us!

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