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    Is Your Weather Stripping Ready For The Weather?

    38167837_sAnnual maintenance for your garage door is the best way to make sure that it works perfectly all year around. However, each season brings different weather patterns, meaning different types of maintenance for your garage door.

    Your garage door is the first line of defense between the elements and the items you have stored in your garage. For this reason, it is important to make sure that your garage door is in top working condition and is fully secured.

    Some of the maintenance tips that the fall season requires are:

    • Make sure that the weather stripping is not cracked, peeling, or missing. Make sure to do this before the cold weather sets in. If the weather stripping is missing pieces, then cold air, water, and debris can blow into your garage underneath the door. Also, pests and small animals will easily find their way inside of your garage. Once inside, they will begin nesting by using and destroying items you have stored. Clothing and books are two favorite nest making materials.
    • Make sure that they photo eyes are 6” from the ground, clean, and fully lined up. These photo eyes shoot a laser across to each other. When something obstructs the line of the laser, this is registered as a safety concern and the garage door automatically opens. For instance, if a child or pet was in the line of the photo lines when the door was closing. But, dirt on one of the eyes can also interrupt the laser, and the door will open.
    • Keep rollers, hinges, and the door track clean and free from debris or obstructions. If the door cannot freely move up and down the track, supported by its hinges and rollers, you will not be able to get in and out of the garage. This is a real hassle during the fall months when the weather is harsh and getting in and out of your car is out in the elements.

    Make sure that your garage door is ready for the fall weather by scheduling a maintenance check. Keep leaves and debris from collecting around the bottom of your garage door, and wipe the photo eyes clean now and again.

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