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    Benefits of Installing Security Shutters on Your Home or Business Property

    At American Door, we strive to provide Medford, Oregon homeowners with greater value and security for their homes and commercial properties. We offer state-of-the-art security shutters, but are these devices really necessary for your home or business? We believe they are, so consider a few of the following benefits that new security shutters have to offer.

    Enhanced Safety

    Security shutters have a simple yet important job: keep unwanted things out of your home or business. We provide our customers with security shutters produced by QMI, manufacturers of the most trusted security shutters in the country. You can choose a customized shutter system ideal for your home or business, no matter what your security concerns might be.

    Storm Protection

    Rain is a fact of life when you live in Oregon, but some storms in the Pacific Northwest can be absolutely brutal. A shutter system for your home or business means added protection from high winds and the debris they can carry, potentially saving you thousands in property damage costs that your homeowners’ insurance may not cover.

    Burglary Protection

    If your business has large glass windows and doors, these could be vulnerable points of entry for burglars who may attempt to smash the glass, rob your store, and escape as quickly as they can. Installing security shutters is an automatic deterrent to burglars. Once a would-be burglar notices your sturdy shutters, they won’t want to deal with the hassle of trying to break them open.

    Peace of Mind

    Your shutters not only make your home or business property safer but can also provide additional peace of mind when you’re gone for a while, too. If you decide to take a vacation, you can rest assured that your security shutters will keep your property safe and protected while you’re gone.

    Security shutters are a great investment for any homeowner or business owner in Medford. Contact American Door today to learn more about the security shutter products we offer.

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