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    Improve Your Home with Security Shutters

    Security shutters are often an overlooked but incredibly valuable investment you can make in your home. They provide an extra layer of protection for your home, keeping your loved ones safe from potential intruders and extreme weather that can cause broken windows and other damage. If you live in a high-crime neighborhood or frequently leave your home vacant when going on vacations or business trips, installing security shutters can give you peace of mind while enhancing your home’s curb appeal and property value.

    Benefits of Security Shutters

    Security shutters offer the following benefits for your home:

    • Increase privacy—Security shutters offer a high degree of privacy from pedestrians, delivery companies, and nosy neighbors. They are customized to perfectly fit over your existing windows and doors and prevent outsiders from looking into your home.  
    • Enhance safety—Constructed of lightweight yet incredibly durable aluminum, security shutters are installed in a way that makes them almost impenetrable. Potential vandals, intruders, and burglars cannot see inside your home to determine if it is empty and appraise your valuables, cannot reach your windows to break them, and typically are deterred from even attempting to enter your home. 
    • Control light—Security shutters provide the ability to carefully regulate the amount of light that enters your home. Whether early morning sun interrupts your sleep or neon business signs burn on your street at all hours, you can adjust your shutters to achieve the perfect amount of light. This is especially useful if you work the night shift or have young children who have difficulty taking naps during the day because of the sunlight. 
    • Reduce noise—When you install security shutters on your home, they serve as a barrier between your home and the noises of the outside world. Noise pollution from heavy traffic, sirens, barking dogs, house parties, or your neighbor’s garage band can be reduced by over 50%.
    • Save energy costs—Security shutters can block hot air from entering your home in the summer and prevent it from escaping in the winter. Sealing out the light and heat from the sun helps you keep the interior of your home at a consistently comfortable temperature without forcing you to crank up the heat or air conditioning.

    Protect Your Home and Your Family

    If you are interested in taking advantage of these benefits, contact American Door today to schedule a security shutter installation. For over 25 years, we have provided clients in Southern Oregon with the highest quality security shutters and garage doors for their homes. We offer preventive maintenance to keep your products in the best condition, as well as 24/7 emergency services to ensure your home is never left vulnerable due to unexpected damage.

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