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    Getting Your Garage Door Ready for Summer

    As summer approaches, homeowners across the country are checking their homes and making changes to combat the rising temperatures of the season. However, many of these homeowners are overlooking their garage door, which can be improved to keep summer pests and the summer heat from damaging your garage. Simple cleaning and garage maintenance can help prevent issues that may otherwise become serious and expensive problems in the future.

    Summer Cleaning

    The side of the garage door that faces the outdoors will typically need to be swept and perhaps hosed off as the weather warms up. With the rising temperatures comes a fleet of pests, and you don’t want to give them any incentive to nest in grime or dirt near your garage door. Car wax can be used on both sides of the garage door to prevent dust from building up on the door. A fresh coat of paint may also be necessary, though you will want to be mindful of the increasing heat that comes with the summer season and use paint that will be able to endure the rising temperatures.

    Garage Insulation

    Especially if you spend a lot of time in your garage, you will want to consider proper insulation for your garage door as the hot summer months approach. Lining your garage door with insulation will prevent most of the heat from the outdoors from transferring into your garage. This also helps you prepare for the future, as the insulation will also come in handy later in the year as the temperature drops in winter.

    If you frequently use your garage for storage, proper garage door insulation will be absolutely imperative. As the heat rises, your garage can become like a hot oven without proper insulation. With this rising heat comes damage to almost anything that you may keep stored in your garage space.

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