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    How Cold Weather Affects Your Garage Door

    As the weather begins to cool, it’s smart to keep your car in your garage. Colder temperatures, snow, and sleet can all damage your car. However, cold weather can also cause problems for your garage door.

    Hardened Grease

    Garage doors open with ease when appropriately lubricated. During spikes of cold weather, grease can harden. If your garage door does not open, first check to see if the grease that runs the tracks has hardened. Applying some heat to your garage may solve this problem.

    Needs More Grease

    During hot weather, a low amount of grease on your garage door tracks usually causes no problem. However, during cold seasons, a low amount of grease can stop the door from closing and opening. If you haven’t greased your garage door in a while, this could be the cause.

    The Metal Has Contracted

    During cold temperatures, molecules move closer together. This means that metal alloys, such as the ones that make up your garage doors, shrink slightly.  A contracted garage door can lock the door in place. Humid and cold weather can also warp tracks or cause them to misalign. Try applying heat to your garage.

    Broken Springs

    Metal also becomes more rigid and fragile during the winter, which can cause it to break. If you think your garage door springs may be the problem, try the manual lift test. Lift your garage door to its halfway point and then let it go. If it remains in place, the springs are not your problem. However, if your door starts to fall, that means it is time for a spring replacement.

    Ground Freeze and Ice

    In freezing and wet conditions, your garage door can be frozen shut and sealed to the ground if water has pooled at the bottom of the door. Many garage doors are composed of multiple panels; these panels can also be frozen shut if the ice gets between them. Try manually opening the door with the emergency release cord, scraping at the ice with a scraper tool, and applying heat with a heat gun or hot water.

    Still Have Winter Troubles?

    Contact American Industrial Door LLC for help with winter maintenance. Let us help you keep your car and belongings safe with a secure garage door!

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