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    Preparing Your Garage Door for Winter

    As winter approaches, it’s time to tackle household tasks safeguarding your home during the colder months. What’s often overlooked is the garage door. As a homeowner, inspecting your garage door before winter sets in is crucial to help identify potential wear and tear, dysfunctional parts, and damages.

    Understanding the basics of your garage door and how its components work is essential as you assess potential issues. If you’ve encountered problems with your garage door in recent months, determining whether a repair or replacement is necessary becomes crucial. Knowing what signs to look for can guide you toward a budget-friendly solution.

    Common Winter Garage Door Problems

    The last thing anyone wants is to be locked out of their garage in frigid weather or face delays due to a malfunctioning door. When inspecting your garage door system for winter readiness, be on the lookout for these common issues associated with cold weather:

    1. Broken or Bent Elements: Metal contraction in cold temperatures can lead to the breakage or bending of essential components like springs and screws.
    2. Poorly Balanced Weight: The weight of your garage door should be evenly distributed. Check for imbalances that could impede smooth operation.
    3. Worn Weatherstripping: Efficient weatherstripping is crucial for insulating your home. Worn-out weatherstripping can result in higher heating bills during the winter.
    4. Snow or Standing Water: Ensure the area in front of your garage door is free from snow and ice buildup. Accumulated snow and standing water can cause your door to become stuck, creating inconvenience.

    Call the Garage Door Experts at American Door

    If you encounter any issues while inspecting your garage door or need repairs or a new garage door system installation, don’t hesitate to contact American Industrial Door, LLC. Reach out to ensure your garage door is winter-ready and functions smoothly throughout the season.

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