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    Understanding Garage Door Spring Breaks

    Discover the common causes of garage door spring failures and how to prevent them to ensure your garage door functions smoothly:

    Wear and Tear

    Garage door springs endure significant stress over time. Typically rated for around 10,000 cycles (one cycle equals opening and closing), they can wear out after approximately 13 years with average use. Regular maintenance and timely replacement can extend their lifespan.


    Rust weakens springs by making them brittle and increasing friction within the coils. Regularly lubricating the springs helps prevent rust formation and maintains their flexibility and strength.

    Cold Weather

    Metal components, including garage door springs, can become brittle in cold weather. Proper insulation of your garage door and using high-quality, cold-resistant springs can mitigate this issue and prolong their durability.

    Poor Maintenance

    Neglecting regular maintenance is a primary cause of garage door spring failures. Routine inspections, cleaning away dirt, applying protective wax coatings, and addressing any signs of wear or malfunction promptly can prevent premature spring breaks and ensure your garage door operates smoothly.

    Trust American Industrial Door for Solutions

    If your garage door springs require repair or replacement, don’t delay in contacting American Industrial Door. Our professional services will restore the functionality and safety of your garage door. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment and ensure your garage door operates reliably.

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