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    Selling Your Home? A Great Garage Door Boosts Your Property Value!

    21728633_s“Curb appeal” is always a nice feature for a home, but it’s especially important if you’re trying to sell your home. If you have a home with a two- or three-car garage, your garage door can be close to half of your house when a potential buyer sees it from the street. When a feature of a house is that dominant, it can have a real impact on the “curb appeal” of your entire home, either positively, or negatively. If your garage door is old, worn, or outdated – it will bring the value of your property down more than you realize. Studies have shown that a buyer who doesn’t like the view of a property from the street often won’t even go inside, and if they do, the negative impression of the outside will dampen any positive impression of the inside they may see. This means that your garage door is an important selling point for your home, and the door you install can play a big role in the overall property value. In addition, if your door is both attractive and energy efficient, this will increase the value of your home even more. Clopay Door (one of the major brands we carry!) interviewed 300 realtors nationwide and found that an insulated garage door added 1 to 4 percent to the selling value of a home. On a $250,000 home that can add up to as much as $10,000, and that’s a pretty attractive reason to come in and take a look at the terrific variety of top-brand garage doors that we can offer you!

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