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    Types of Garage Door Sensors

    Types of Garage Door Sensors

    IMG_5777_800x600Garage door sensors are those plastic little boxes attached to the garage door or to the railings, and as simple as these little devices may look like, they play a very important in both in making our lives more convenient and a lot safer. Just how convenient and how safe you ask? Well, let’s try to understand more by looking at the different types of garage door sensors.

    Safety Sensors

    Safety sensors is a quite like a broad term, considering that all garage door sensors are supposed to be made safe once these sensors are attached. However, for this particular purpose, we can consider two specific types of safety sensors – the infrared sensors and the pressure sensors. Both these types of sensors were designed for safety as they prevent the garage door from crushing whatever it is that is under them – like you or your children perhaps.

    An infrared sensor has two sensors which are installed in the rails and aligned with each other. These sensors are connected by an infrared beam, and when there is something obstructing the beam, the garage doors pulls back up instead of coming down, thereby avoiding crushing whatever is obstructing the beam.

    A pressure sensor on the other hand makes use of sensor installed at the bottom of the garage door. When this sensor is triggered like when you bump your head against the bottom of the garage door as it is coming down, then the garage door automatically goes up.

    Monitor Sensors

    Another type of garage door sensor is the monitor sensor. These types, as the name suggests, are more of a monitoring device since what they mostly do is to alert you of any garage door that is left open and unclosed. This is done by attaching a sensor onto the garage door and installing a panel inside your homes. Some monitor sensors can also be time programmed, where you can set the time when the garage door opens and how long it stays open before is closes.

    CO2 Sensors

    CO2 sensors are some of the more advanced types of garage door sensors available in the market today. These sensors are designed to measure the amount of CO2 in the air in your garage (which usually comes out as you warm up the car), and when it reaches a dangerously high level, the CO2 sensor will automatically open up the garage door to let fresh air in and CO2 out.

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