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    5 Most Common Garage Door Issues

    5 Most Common Garage Door Issues

    IMG_0408_800x600Like most doors in our homes, garage doors are used on an almost daily basis. The amount of usage, coupled with age, can sometimes cause our garage doors to develop several problems and issues over time, some of the most common being the following.
    Jammed Garage Doors
    Garage doors that won’t close or open can be caused by several factors. If you are using a remote controlled one for instance, the problem may lie in the battery or in the remote control itself. Aside from those though, jammed doors may also be caused by something that may be stuck in the wheel track or the garage door rails, or even by the drying up of the lubricants.

    Malfunctioning Sensors
    Another common problem is malfunctioning sensors, which can be observed when the garage doors fails to go back up even when they sense some obstruction, thereby crushing whatever it is that may be blocking the sensors. It also happens that the garage doors suddenly go back up after closing halfway. In such cases, the garage doors sensors are most likely broken or may not be aligned.

    Loud Unusual Noises
    Sometimes, you also tend to hear loud creaking noises when you close or open the garage doors which are signs that there is a problem with the wheel tracks. Usually, this means that the lubricant in the wheel track has dried up. Also, there may be some obstructions that are scratching the wheel track and the garage door as they move through the rails, although the sounds may also come from the pulleys or the garage door springs.

    Broken Springs
    Springs are one of the more important parts of the garage door, and since they are put under pressure in their everyday use, they are prone to breaking or loosing there springiness. When there is a problem with the springs, replacing them may be the only solution.

    Uneven Movements
    Some garage doors also fall unevenly as you close them, and you will notice that one side is falling faster than the other side. When this is the problem, the cause is often due to the springs, where one spring is working better than the other. Sometimes, there may also be an obstruction on one of the garage door rails. If you have a motor garage doors, check that both motors are working fine and in sync, as well as the cable sand pulleys.

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