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    Common Garage Door Problems in Winter

    Garage doors winter


    garage door winter problemsDuring winter, a lot of things around your house is exposed to certain damages that can be caused by the cold weather and freezing temperature. Your garage doors are no exception. Here are some of the most common problems that many homeowners face during winter time.

    Stuck Doors

    Garage doors can get stuck for a variety of reasons. During winter, this usually happens because of ice build-up around the sides of the garage door. For instance, a broken weather stripping can let water and moisture through, and when this freezes, it bonds the garage doors to the ground.

    Too Much Lubricant

    Lubricating the moving parts of your garage doors is a must to ensure that they work perfectly. However, too much lubricant can also be a problem, especially in the tracks and rollers because they can get out of alignment. Also, excessive lubricants can lead to grease build-ups which will further make your garage doors more difficult to open or close since grease can harden because of the temperature. Thus, be sure to put only the right amount of lubricant as suggested by the manufacturer or your garage door expert.

    Contracting Metal

    Despite their being strong and sturdy, metal has been known to contract and expand depending on the temperature. This can lead the garage door to move and function inefficiently. There is basically nothing that you can do about this problem as it is the nature of metal, but what you can do is to keep your garage door properly oiled and lubricated so that they still move smoothly despite the shrinking metal.

    Garage Doors Not Opening or Closing Properly

    This problem can be caused by a variety of things like ice build-up, insufficient lubricants or even the garage door brackets being misaligned. Electrical wirings and sensors, if you have an automatic garage door, can also be a cause of the problem.

    Most of the problems mentioned above can be avoided with regular maintenance and cleaning, but for the more severe problems like misalignment of the tracks or the springs losing tension, they are best left to the hands of an expert. They have the right tools and knowledge necessary to address such problems and make sure that your garage door works great not only during winter but also throughout the year.

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