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    Get Ready for the Holidays – How Secure is Your Garage?

    Garage doors are common points of entry in home robberies. Thieves may take advantage of old, outdated garage door locks to break in and gain entry to the rest of the house. It may surprise you to learn that a robber can break into your garage in seconds, simply by tripping the release mechanism using a coat hanger. While you prepare for the holidays, do one thing that could save your family a lot of trouble – optimize the security of your garage door.

    The Problem with Older Garage Doors

    Traditional rollup garage doors have safety release mechanisms in place to prevent doors from closing on occupants. To trip this mechanism and open the door, all a thief has to do is thread a piece of wire or coat hanger through the top of the garage door to reach the emergency latch. This will trip the mechanism and make your garage door roll up.

    Many homeowners assume robbers can’t break into the garage, and therefore don’t lock the door from the house or don’t use secure locks like deadbolts. This makes it very easy for robbers to gain entry to the rest of the house after getting into the garage. You can lock or disable your emergency release lever to prevent break-ins, but this also means you can’t use the mechanism yourself. You could also invest in an updated garage door for better protection against intruders.

    Keep Intruders Out for Good

    Modern garage doors can help prevent intruders with tough, secure materials and solid construction. Thieves will have a hard time gaining access to your garage when the door is sturdy and equipped with smart locking mechanisms. Take home security to the next level this holiday season by also installing security shutters. These put up physical barriers that prevent intruders from entering through your windows. New garage doors and security shutters can help your family feel safe and secure, no matter the season.




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