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    Why Invest in Security Shutters?

    Many property owners in the Medford area wonder if security shutters will really make a difference in safety of their homes or businesses. Our clients often find that these sturdy and reliable additions really do help. If you’ve been on the fence about investing in security shutters, these reasons may help you make a purchasing decision:

    • Property Crime
      • Property crime is a problem. According to data from the FBI UCR (Unified Crime Reporting) Program, Medford law enforcement officers recorded 5,688 property-related crimes in 2016. Only Portland, Salem, and Eugene ranked worse for property crimes during that year.
    • Drug Trafficking
      • Drug trafficking is a problem. Medford, Oregon, is part of the Oregon–Idaho HIDTA (High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area). Drugs moving up through Mexico and California frequently make their way into and out of this beautiful Oregon city. Those involved in drug trafficking activities often do not hesitate to commit crimes of convenience.
    • Weather
      • Weather can present its challenges. In January 2017, Medford experienced one of the worst snowstorms in almost 100 years. Our weather is typically mild, but a rogue storm can put properties at risk.

    Security/storm shutters won’t set off an alarm if an intruder enters your home or business, but they will create a physical barrier against human and natural threats. If you have a primary or secondary residence in the area, our security shutters can create the extra level of security you need to feel safe in your home. In businesses, shutters protect interior and exterior spaces from intruders.

    Using Security Shutters in Medford, Oregon

    Whether you need shutters to close a pharmacy during off hours or to protect a rural secondary home from invaders, American Industrial Door, LLC can help. We specialize in the installation of QMI security and storm shutters. Let us know more about your property concerns, and we’ll help you find a shutter solution to enhance your and/or your business’s safety and security. Call us today at 541-664-5555 to learn more about our state-of-the-art security and storm shutters.


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