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    How to Prepare Your Garage Door for Warm Weather

    The bitter cold months of winter will soon be a thing of the past, as the warm spring and summer weather quickly approach. Increased temperatures provide homeowners in Medford, Oregon, the opportunity to get a head start on their garage door maintenance. Winter months can place a great strain on your home’s garage door. Although you may think the door looks fine, taking the time to carefully examine all its parts, clean each area, and repair any problems you find can help save you money in the long run. Here are some tips to help you make sure your garage door is ready for the warm weather.


    Clean It Up

    We all know garages aren’t the cleanest spaces in our homes. In fact, garages are especially prone to the build-up of dust and debris, so it is hardly a surprise that your garage door will see a lot of exposure to dirt as well. Be sure to wash both the inside and outside of your garage door. If you want to deter dust build-up, coat each side of the door with a light layer of car wax. If your garage doors are wood, rotting can become an issue. Help slow its deterioration by repainting the door and using a water sealant on both sides and the bottom of the door.


    Check for Issues

    Be sure to check the garage door cables to see if they show signs of fraying or wearing. If you see signs that the cables are wearing out, have them replaced as soon as you can. In addition to examining the cables, make sure that the ball-bearings, supports, and rods are free wear and tear. Dealing with these issues now will help you avoid extensive repair costs in the future.


    Examine the Springs

    Examine the springs on your garage door, paying close attention to any signs of rust, which can cause one to break completely. If a spring breaks, it can fly across the garage because of its tension levels. If you notice a broken spring or need to replace a rusted one, call an expert to handle the problem immediately.

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