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    Five Signs Indicating Your Garage Door Needs an Inspection

    Numerous homeowners in the Medford, Oregon, area love to do home renovation and improvement projects during the summer months. While many people don’t think about the condition of their garage doors until a significant problem arises, getting a new garage door can significantly enhance the appeal of your commercial or residential facility. However, sometimes an issue will emerge before you have the chance to prepare yourself to tackle a garage door replacement project. Here are a few signs all property owners and homeowners should make note of in order to gauge when their garage door needs to be professionally examined. 


    Strange Noises 


    If your garage door makes noise when opening or closing, you should have it looked at as soon as possible to determine the underlying cause. Strange noises to be aware of include popping, creaking, and clicking sounds. 


    Sagging Garage Door 


    If you notice that your garage door appears to be bending, unbalanced, or lopsided when you stand in front of it, this indicates a severe defect in your system’s mechanics. In this situation, make sure to call a professional to prevent your garage door from coming off its rails or bending even further.


    Increased Utility Bills


    If you realize that your utility bill has gone up in the last few months, this may suggest a problem with your garage door. As they age over time, garage doors are prone to becoming less and less energy efficient. Reach out to a professional immediately if you believe your garage door is causing your power bills to rise. 


    Slow Response Time


    If you notice that your garage door takes longer to respond when you use its remote control to open or close it, you should consider having someone look at it. A lagging response time may indicate the need for repair or replacement for your garage door or its remote.


    Old Age


    If you know that our garage door is approaching the end of its functional life, you should start making plans to have it examined sooner rather than later, so you’ll have ample time to prepare for either a repair or replacement procedure.

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