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    How to Know When Your Garage Door Spring is Broken

    Your garage door is a part of a complicated system, and it can be challenging to recognize when something goes wrong. One of the most important things homeowners in the Medford, Oregon area should know is how to assess whether they have a faulty garage door spring. Keep yourself and your family safe by considering these 5 tips to help you determine if you are dealing with a broken garage spring.

    Check for a Gap in the Spring

    If there is a two-inch gap in your garage door’s spring, it is probably impaired. A garage door spring is also referred to as a torsion spring because it is securely coiled and contains ample pressure. A gap in the spring affects this pressure.

    Notice Extra Weight

    If your garage door does not open and you have attempted to open it manually, only to notice it is heavier than usual, the garage door spring could be making the door’s weight harder to handle. The torsion spring helps with the pressure of the door, and when the spring breaks, the garage door can become increasingly harder to lift.

    Check How Far Your Door Will Lift

    When your garage door only rises a couple of inches, the garage door’s spring may have recently broken, which can make it difficult to lift the door. If you notice it won’t lift at all, or only lifts a small amount, the spring is most likely the culprit.

    Look for Loose Cables

    The garage door spring helps maintain the tension in the cables, which can become wobbly when the spring is impaired. If you notice the perpendicular cables on the side of your garage door are becoming loose, the spring is probably not working correctly.

    Evaluate Loud Noises

    When your garage door spring breaks, it makes a loud banging noise. If you or anyone in your family are near your garage door when it malfunctions, someone will certainly notice the sound. In the aftermath of hearing this, check if your garage door will open. If it refuses to open or lift in the slightest, your garage door spring is broken.

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