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    How to Keep Your Garage Clean and Free of Pests This Winter

    Most homeowners use their garages for car parking and storage, but the garage is unfortunately one of the most common places to find pests. The garage is also one of the most often neglected parts of a home when it comes to regular cleaning. If you want to avoid potentially expensive pest control, it is best to take steps to prevent pest infestations.

    Keep It Clean

    The first way to avoid pests is to keep the garage clean. Be sure to sweep regularly to get rid of dust bunnies and dirt that may become breeding grounds for bugs and rodents. Try to avoid keeping food waste in your garage; if possible, leave your trash cans outside and don’t store food in your garage.=

    Raise It Up

    Garages can be ideal for storage, but the items on the floor are vulnerable to pests and other damage, such as water from leaks and flooding. You may want to install shelving or wall racks to raise your stored items off the floor. A few racks on the walls can help you store ladders and other tools easily, and keeping boxes off the floor is a good way to prevent bugs and rodents from getting into them and damaging the contents. 

    Seal the Garage

    Your garage door is the largest point of entry, so be sure to invest in a high-quality door that seals to the floor completely. If you notice any damage to the sealing, contact an expert to arrange a repair as soon as possible. Also check the window seals and the seals around the other entrances to your garage to ensure there are no easy entrances for ants, mice, or other pests.

    These are just a few tips to help keep your garage clean and pest-free this winter. With proper preparation and help from the experts, you can secure your garage to prevent the significant damage pest infestations often cause. 

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