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    Why You Should Have Your Garage Door Serviced this Fall

    Fall is a wonderful time to get everything organized before the chilly weather arrives in Medford, OR.  Just like everything else in your home, your garage door needs regular attention to work properly.  When the weather changes, working on home projects may become more complicated. Therefore, fall is the perfect time to have your garage door serviced. 

    Inspect Your Garage Door Regularly

    If you check your garage door every week or two, you will know about problems as they arise.  Consider adding a checklist to your weekend maintenance or cleaning schedule. 

    • Listen to your garage door operate.  If the door makes scraping or grinding sounds, have it serviced. 
    • Watch the cables, springs, and other parts of the system to make sure everything works well together.  If you see any jerking movements as your garage door moves, it needs to be serviced before the problem worsens. 
    • Check the tracks of your garage door.  If the tracks are free of all debris and rust, then your garage door should work well for the colder months.  A professional can make sure that the tracks are also adjusted so that they are in the right position.
    • The hardware and rollers of your garage door need to be inspected and replaced if they are worn.  Cables and pulleys are also in need of inspections regularly to avoid long term damage. 
    • The moving parts of a garage door need proper lubrication for maximum effectiveness.
    • Balance is essential for garage doors to last as long as possible.  If you think the garage door is out of balance, a professional has the knowledge and tools to make sure it is adjusted properly.
    • The auto-reverse feature needs to work correctly for safety reasons.  Have your garage door tested to make sure it is safe for your household.
    • You may also want to have the garage door cleaned or painted to look great during the colder months of fall and winter. 
    • Replacing the weatherstripping will help keep your garage cleaner and warmer!

    Once your garage door is inspected and updated for the colder months in Oregon, you can enjoy having the peace of mind that it is going to be reliable and safe. 

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