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    Garage Storage Tips

    Summer is a great time to organize your garage.  Many times, we go all year throwing stuff here and there in our garage to find a mess waiting for us when summer comes.  Organizing a garage is a great way to find all of those things you’ve been missing all year!  You will also have more space for the other items in your home that need a place to go.

    • Declutter your garage. This requires going through everything in your garage and sorting out the things you want versus the things that you no longer want.  Donate the items that are just taking up space, so you can move on to a more organized area.
    • Create groups of items that are alike. Once you have everything in groups, you will have an easier time coming up with a plan for storage solutions in your garage.  Separate areas for each group can help you find things easier, maintain a nice-looking garage, and allow everyone an easier time finding a place to put a new item that belongs to the group.
    • Layout your garage on paper. It helps to do a rough sketch of your garage and the storage solutions you want to install.  This will allow you to find the room you need for storage and help you make considerations for the number of boxes and other items you need to put away.
    • Avoid damage to your items in boxes by replacing the cardboard with water-resistant storage containers. Write the contents on the face of the storage container, so you don’t have to open each one to see what is in it.
    • Consider sections by seasons. During the summer months, hang the items you use for gardening and outdoor activities in an easy place to grab them and enjoy the summer.  Change out the area in the fall with items that you need for winter, so you don’t have to organize your garage if it is cold.
    • Consider a workbench and displaying your tools on a pegboard. Not only does this look well organized, but it is easier to find the tool you need when they are all displayed instead of in a toolbox.

    While you are organizing your garage this summer, consider having your garage door inspected and serviced to make sure it is ready to keep up with the wear and tear of increased use.  Call American Door in Medford, OR, if you have any questions or concerns about your garage doors!

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