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    A Summer Checklist for Your Garage Doors

    Most homeowners don’t realize how much the summer weather affects a garage door.  Whether the summer in Medford, OR turns out to be brutally hot, or mild, it is essential to check the functionality of your garage regularly, so you have confidence that it is going to work well when needed.

    How Summer Affects Your Garage Door

    Heat and humidity can affect the sensors and wiring in a garage door opener.  The heat can also make your garage doors expand.  Sunlight can also be the cause of your garage door not shutting all the way because it tricks the sensors to think that something is in the way of the door.  You could also experience a power surge with a summer storm that burns out your entire system unless it is on a surge protector.


    1. Inspect the hardware of your garage door and make sure that it all looks healthy.
    2. Tighten everything that looks loose. Bolts may get loose over the winter and need tightening.
    3. Make sure everything is well lubricated.
    4. Wash your garage door to make sure that grime and dirt aren’t hindering how well it works.
    5. Test your garage door to makes sure that it works properly raising and lowering.
    6. Make sure your garage doors don’t have any damage from water, sun, or debris from high winds.

    If your garage door just doesn’t open or shut, you may need services right away, so you can get your car out.  You may also feel nervous about leaving your home with your garage door stuck open because you have items stored in it, or it leaves your home more vulnerable.  Regular inspections help homeowners ensure that their garage doors keep working all year long.  American Door LLC. Offers replacement doors if yours is old and you want to replace it instead of fixing it.

    Taking care of your garage doors is important because they are part of what protects your belongings and the people in your home.  Summer tune-ups are available in Medford, Oregon by American Door LLC.

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