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    Different Types of Doors for Your Home

    Doors are classified according to their material and their opening. They also have different levels of security, especially in the case of outdoor, and there are many variants at the design level. To find the one that best responds to what you are looking for, it is fundamental to review all the models and know the qualities.

    We tell you everything you need to know. The entrance door to a home or a room represents the first impression perceived by the guest regarding the interior appearance and decoration. A series of factors, such as design, opening mechanism, material composition, safety, among others that will help us to select the indicated door for each type of environment and the needs of this.

    Outdoor Doors: Solid Wood

    When looking for a door for the entrance of the house, protection is preferred over aesthetics, but without neglecting some characteristics that adapt to the style of the facade. In addition, it is important that the materials are of quality. One of the options is to choose a solid wood door, ideal for industrial or rustic buildings.

    Exterior Doors: Armored 

    Also outdoors, which are armored and veneered wood can be a great alternative for those seeking something decorative and at the same time safe. It looks good in all types of houses, whether modern or traditional. Some of the key elements of this type of doors are the security hinge, the anchor to the frame and the lock.

    Sliding Doors

    This is the best option if we want to get a space. Although their installation is a bit more expensive, they do not take place when opened and they come in different models.

    • Built-in slides: this type of opening integrates perfectly with the wall, but cannot be installed without making a “hole” between the plasterboard and cardboard.
    • Superimposed slides: have the advantage of operating in the same way as the recessed without the need to do any work. They suspend from a guide fixed on the top of the wall and open to the side. Its installation is super simple and they are not expensive, call us today at American Door and we will fix the doors for you. 
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