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    The Benefits of Security Shutters

    If you live in the Medford, Oregon area and want protection from fall and winter storms, consider installing security shutters.  Security shutters are shutters that protect your home by offering reinforcement from storms, high winds, water damage, and theft if you want to preserve your summer home in southern Oregon.

    Increased Home Security

    If you plan on traveling for long periods, or you leave your house regularly, security shutters will protect your home from storms and burglars that want to gain access to empty homes.  You can choose manual or motorized shutters so that you have excellent insulation from the outside world.

    Sun and Weather

    Not only will security shutters protect your home from storms or windy days, your home and the items in your home can also have protection from the sun’s UV rays.  If you have a home with large windows that get a lot of sunlight, then you may notice that the furnishings or carpets in those areas start to fade.  Shutters can help you protect the interior of your house from fading and looking more worn when you are away for a long time or if you don’t want to rely on window coverings. There is also the benefit of having added insulation from the heat.


    On stormy days, you may have debris fall on your home in Medford, Oregon.  Security shutters can protect your windows and doors from debris resulting in broken glass.  If you are out of town and debris breaks glass in your home, then you can have water damage, intruders, or pests in your home.  Shutters give you the peace of mind that you won’t have damage that is unattended while you are away.


    If you have a home in a high-traffic area, then security shutters on your windows can give you the added privacy you want and need in the evenings.  They also look great when you match them to the color of your home!

    If you have questions about installing security shutters or garage doors on your home, contact the friendly staff at American Door in Medford, OR!



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