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    Is Your Garage Door Ready for Winter

    It’s never too late to have your garage door prepared for the colder months in Medford, Oregon.  If the doors to your garage aren’t properly maintained, they can cause you problems if temperatures drop an allow the freezing temperatures to affect the items you store inside your garage.

    • If you notice cold air coming into your garage, your door may not be aligned or sealed adequately. It should have a tight seal when it is closed and be insulated so the weather isn’t blowing into the garage.
    • Check the weather stripping and seals along your garage door. Look at the seal on the bottom of the garage door and follow it to the weather stripping, inspecting it along the rest of your door.  You may notice the change in temperature but not see the crack that allows your warm air to escape! Making sure your garage doors have a tight seal will help you keep your heating costs lower during the winter months.
    • If you don’t notice any problems with the weather stripping, but you still feel like your garage door should seal tighter, have the hardware inspected. You may benefit from new hinges or springs.  You could also need new tracks to increase the quality of the seal you get from your garage door.
    • If your garage door isn’t insulated, you may be able to add installation. You may also need to look at the options for replacing your garage door to make sure that your home stays well heated in the winter.  It is necessary to have your garage door inspected to know if your specific type of door can have insulation added, or if you need to replace it for a door that has insulation built-in.
    • Have your garage door inspected if you notice problems with any components, or it isn’t sealing properly. Regular inspections can help you stay prepared for the colder weather and may help you catch a small repair before it becomes larger!


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