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    Install Security Shutters to Protect Your Home

    When you are looking for ways to make your home more safe and secure, one option you should consider is the installation of security shutter doors. These doors offer the ultimate in protection from intruders and work to keep your family and possessions safe. Many homeowners use these doors every day, while others simply find peace of mind in using them when they are away from home on vacation or business. Consider the ways that these doors help to protect your home.

    How Do Shutter Doors Help to Protect My Home?

    • Aluminum roller shutters can be filled with insulation and placed on doors and windows to shield against burglary and vandalism.
    • Every architectural design is different, and security shutters can be customized to fit the exact specifics of your home’s entrance.
    • Roller shutters are tested to ensure that they meet the security standards that are set by insurance companies.
    • Other benefits include noise reduction if you live on a busy street, and added energy-efficiency, as they help to keep indoor temperatures consistent.

    Will Shutter Doors Affect My Home’s Aesthetics?

    Modern security shutters are designed with aesthetics in mind. They are available in a wide range of materials and colors. You can actually create a very stylish look for your home when you choose the color and design that perfectly complements your home design. A few of the types of shutter doors you can choose from include:

    • S. rolling shutters. These shutters, made from steel rods and perforated panels provide ventilation, and the ability to see through the door.
    • Polycarbonate or transparent. This variety is lightweight, durable, secure, and transparent, so the view is not marred from inside or outside the house.
    • These shutters create a beautiful look and offer varieties in single wall or double wall with insulation.

    If you are considering security shutters for your home, call American Industrial Door, LLC today at (541) 664-5555.

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