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    Don’t Forget to Get Your Garage Door Ready for the Winter Months

    The time has arrived for household tasks that prepare your home for winter and protect the functional parts of your house over the colder months. One of the items that is often neglected by homeowners is their garage door. As we head into the winter season, inspecting your garage door is an essential task that will help you to identify wear and tear, dysfunctional parts, and damages.

    As you check your garage door for these issues, you need to know the basics of your door and how the parts work to correctly assess potential problems. If you have been experiencing problems with your garage door in recent months, you may find that it is time to have the entire door replaced, but knowing the right things to look for will help you to decide if a more budget-friendly repair is an option.

    Common Garage Door Problems in the Winter

    The last thing you want to go through is being locked out of your garage in cold weather or being late for an important appointment because your door won’t open and you can’t get your car out. As you inspect your garage door system, look for these issues that cold weather may create:

    • Broken or bent elements like springs and screws that result from the metal contracting in the cold temperatures
    • Poorly balanced weight of the garage door
    • Bad weatherstripping – this element is intended to help insulate your house, so worn outstripping can cause higher heating bills in the winter.
    • Standing water or snow in front of the garage door. Be sure to keep this area free of snow and ice that can cause your door to become stuck

    If you need any help repairing your garage door this year, or if you need a new garage door system installed, reach out to American Industrial Door, LLC today at (541) 664-5555.


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