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    5 Winter Garage Door Maintenance Tips

    Keeping your garage door in proper working condition in the winter is essential to protecting your family from the elements and saving on your heating utility costs. You can follow a few simple tips during the winter to keep your garage door in great working condition all year long. Consider these winter garage door tips.

    1. Inspect your cables. Although you never want to work on dangerous garage door cables yourself, you can check them for wear and damage. Look for broken or damaged cables near the bottom roller bracket. If you see any damage, call a professional to take care of the job right away.
    2. Check your weather stripping. If the weather stripping around your garage door is worn out, it is easy to replace yourself. Keeping up with this task will help keep cold drafts out and warm air inside your home.
    3. Tighten your brackets and bolts. It makes sense that garage door bolts begin to come loose after being used hundreds of times. You can tighten your garage door hardware with a socket wrench to ensure that none of these bolts will come completely loose.
    4. Keep your door lubed. The moving parts of your garage door can get cold and stick at times during the winter. Keeping all moving parts oiled properly will guarantee that you don’t have any issues.
    5. Clean rollers, track, and door. As one of the home’s defenses against the outside elements, your garage door will get dirt and grime build-up in many areas. One simple task you can perform is cleaning these areas to prevent moisture collecting and freezing.

    Keeping up with these winter chores will help ensure that your garage door functions properly all year long. If you need any additional help with your garage door in the Medford, Oregon area, reach out to the professionals at American Industrial Door, LLC, at (541) 664-5555.


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