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    Pandemic Requires Updated Safety

    Over the last year, we’ve all been through massive change. Everyone has made adjustments to their lives to stay safe, but no one has had to be more adaptable than business owners. With heightened restrictions on walk-in traffic, safety measures, and shifts toward online platforms, the American business has changed dramatically. Though all of these shifts have ultimately been for the health-related safety of the community, it’s important to also focus on the physical safety of your business.

    Crime has risen in many areas as a result of COVID-19, while at the same time, many storefronts or offices are unoccupied while employees work from home. This means a higher risk of break-in and burglary, a tragedy that few businesses can afford right now.

    Keep Your Family Safe

    The first step to securing your business is adding protection between the inside and outside worlds. Updating your business’s security grilles adds a layer of protection between vulnerable areas such as windows and glass doors, helping to prevent malicious hands from breaking the glass. Depending on your setup, adding or replacing a full metal garage-style door can add significant protection from a break-in. These security measures give peace of mind, ensuring that your business is as safe as possible while employees work from home. If you are an essential business, there are many ways to add inside protection as well.

    Counter doors can be a helpful way to section off areas of your business; this can be especially helpful for places in which the public may need to speak with you, but you don’t always want to be exposed. These windows roll up and down and can act as a temporary partition to keep your employees safe.

    American Industrial Doors Offer Protection

    As we continue to adjust to the changing times, don’t forget to prioritize your business’s safety. At American Industrial Door LLC, we specialize in commercial and industrial doors for all types of businesses. Contact us today to get started on your workplace’s safety measures.

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