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    Reasons to Hire a Garage Door Repair Professional

    Your garage door is often the most used entryway into the home. As such, it requires professional repair when it breaks down in order to maintain the ease of use and availability of your vehicle. Below is a list of reasons why calling in a professional is a better idea than tackling a broken garage door repair by yourself.

    • Health and Safety. The average garage door weighs approximately several hundred pounds. If you happen to do something that suddenly causes all that weight to come crashing down, you are in serious trouble, possibly even fatal.
    • Security. This might seem like a no-brainer but still bears mentioning. Your garage door is an entryway into your home, and as such, could be a vulnerable point of entry if it is not secured properly. A broken garage door is an obvious security risk, especially if it is stuck in the up position and cannot lower itself down.
    • Insurance. Insurance companies may not honor your policy if they find out that your garage door was not properly repaired if someone enters your home while it was either broken or repaired improperly by yourself or a trusted friend or family member.
    • Liability. Selling your home with a broken or improperly repaired garage door could make you liable if someone gets injured by the door. It’s best to avoid this by ensuring that a professional handles the repairs as legal fees can be more costly than the repair itself.
    • Warranties. Again, this seems like an obvious reason, but it is still a very valid one. You will void your warranty if you affect repairs by anyone other than a professional.
    • Maintenance. Hiring a professional to come and maintenance your door will be cheaper in the long run than repairing or replacing a broken garage door.

    These reasons and more are why you should always hire a professional garage door expert. If you are experiencing a problem with your garage door, please call our experts at American Door today.

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