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    Current Garage Door Trends Worth Considering

    If a new garage door is on the horizon for your Oregon home, then this guide to current garage door trends is made just for you. Garage door systems have come a long way, and today’s options offer added security, a more contemporary look, and incorporate the latest in smart technology. Check out the following trends to make sure your new garage door has the features you need. 

    Increased Home Security

    One trend that continues to be at the forefront for Oregon homeowners is the desire for increased security.  Whether it’s upgraded access systems, smart-home security features, or reinforced points of entry, 2021 continues to be about the peace of mind that comes from prioritizing the safety of your family. Your garage door is one of the most widely used points of access to your home, so make sure that it is safe and secure. 

    Contemporary Style and Design

    As 2021 home designs continue to favor a more contemporary feel and blending indoor and outdoor spaces, garage door systems have also evolved in ways that blend seamlessly into the design. Today’s modern garage door designs offer enhanced customization options while providing increased durability and energy efficiency. 

    Smart Technology

    Smart technology continues to be a requirement for many Oregon homeowners looking to install a new garage door system. With the increasing Internet of Things (IoT) trend, today’s homeowners continue to seek out the latest technology options for their home. These features allow homeowners to remotely monitor and control their garage doors using a smart device. 

    Shop the Latest in Garage Door Systems

    American Industrial Door LLC has a wide selection of garage doors to complement any home design.  Our garage doors offer the added security and smart-home capabilities that today’s homeowner demands. Contact us today, and let one of our experts help you choose the garage door that meets the needs of your home. 


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