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    Should You Repair Your Garage Door or Replace It

    In many cases, repairing your Oregon home’s garage door can be fairly quick and easy. However, there are times when replacing your garage door is the better option.  The following guideline can help you decide if the time has come to replace your current garage door with a new model. 

    Typical Garage Door Repair Issues

    The mechanical nature of your garage door makes it likely that they not only require regular maintenance but also need an occasional repair due to worn-out parts or other types of damage. Common garage door repairs include:

    • Replacing seals and weather strips or seals
    • Replacing hinges, springs, cables, brackets, or rollers
    • Fixing doors that are not properly on the track 
    • Repairing and replacing garage door openers
    • Repairing a damaged track

    Reasons You Should Replace Your Garage Door

    There are times when replacing your garage door is the best option based on cost and the extent of damage that your garage door may have sustained. 

    Severe Damage to Garage Door

    If your garage door sustains severe damage due to weather, a vehicle accident, extensive rust, or other issue, it may not be feasible to repair it.

    Numerous Garage Door Repair Issues

    If you seem to always be fixing something new on your garage door or have repeatedly repaired the same rollers or straightened the same track, it may be less costly to replace the door. If the cost of repairing your garage door is more than the price of a new one, a new door is the better option. 

    Lack of Safety Features

    If you have young children and your current garage door does not have safety features such as motion detection, replacing it with a new, safer model can prevent injuries and provide you with needed peace of mind. 

    Your Garage Door is Old

    An older garage door will continue to need more frequent repairs. They are also less energy-efficient than newer models and do not offer the same smart technology options.

    Contact American Industrial Door LLC

    If you need assistance in deciding whether to repair or replace your existing garage door, American Industrial Door LLC can help . Contact us today, and let one of our expert technicians help you determine the best garage door option for your property. 

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