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    3 Tips for Organizing Your Garage This Winter

    Garages are notorious for accumulating a wide variety of items over the year and keeping everything in some semblance of order can be quite a challenge for most families. Taking time now to organize your garage before winter hits means you won’t accidentally crush a box of sentimental Christmas decorations or end up stuck in the middle of a snowstorm trying to find your shovel. Check out our tips below to ensure your garage stays in the best shape this fall and you’re fully prepared for the upcoming winter.

    1. Rotate Seasonal Items

    Relocate your lawn mower, hoses, garden tools, our-of-season sports gear, and other summer items to the back of your garage to keep them safe from accidental damage and avoid tripping and falling on the sharp edge of a spade or set of pruning shears. Then move shovels, snowblowers, roof rakes, skis, sleds, and anything else you may need this winter to an easily accessible spot near the front, while still leaving room to navigate through the garage. Double-check your supply of salt to ensure you have enough to completely cover your sidewalk, driveway, and any other pathways your family or guests may use. 

    2. Install Wall Storage

    Even if your garage doesn’t boast much square footage, you can maximize your space by installing racks on your walls to hold tools, lawn and garden items, ladders, sports equipment, holiday decorations, and more. This allows you to easily see and find everything you own without wasting time digging around. Many wall storage systems are very flexible and can be customized specifically for your needs with a variety of hooks, bins, baskets, and drawers, and some even feature magnetic bars and racks. For maximum organization, labeling your items helps ensure anyone who uses something knows where to return it.  

    3. Set Up a Drop Zone

    You likely already have a drop zone in your entryway, but have you considered creating one in your garage? If your garage is attached your home, set up a drop zone at the entrance for hats, scarves, mittens, and boots so your family knows exactly where to leave their items when they come in from the cold and you can avoid snow, ice, and mud being tracked throughout your house. Not only does this prevent lost items, but it also keeps your family safe from accidental slips on puddles of water.

    Now that your garage is organized, inspect your garage door for damage. Any cracks, holes, or faulty seals allow cold drafts to enter your garage, where they will eventually reach your home and force your HVAC system to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. If your garage requires repair or replacement, contact American Door to speak with our team.

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