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    Why Your Garage Door Isn’t Opening in the Cold

    There is nothing quite as frustrating as trying to get out of the house on a cold day and your garage door won’t open. There are numerous reasons why your door might give you a hard time in the winter. There are a few problems that you can prevent with regular maintenance and others that are hard to prevent and will require a professional. When it comes to the cold months ahead, you’ll want your garage door performing at its best.

    Why Won’t My Garage Door Open? 

    • Metal contracts in cold temperatures– When it is cold, springs and other metal pieces can seize up. This problem is usually solved by using a lubricant on springs, hinges, rollers, and other moving parts of your garage door. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for hardened grease. If you notice hardened grease, you’ll first want to use a grease solvent for removal. This may require a small brush to get into smaller cracks. Once this grease is removed, follow through with your lubricant. 
    • Tracks– Over time, the tracks of your garage door may become warped or misaligned. Extreme temperatures can also cause this issue. If you notice your track appears to have damage, or you notice a clear misalignment, it is important to turn to a professional who can properly fix or replace your track for you. 
    • Broken springs– Your springs provide the counterbalance needed to handle the weight of your garage door. It is normal for your springs to break in time, and usually, this happens in the winter months due to the added stress of the cold. This is another instance where it is important to turn to an expert to properly replace your broken or weak springs. 

    Get Your Garage Door Winter Ready

    You want to be able to depend on your garage door throughout the winter months. Smaller issues, such as maintaining lubrication or checking your weather seal can be done yourself. Larger issues, such as those involving your tracks or springs will require help from a professional. At American Industrial Doors LLC, we understand the important role your garage door has whatever time of year it is. Contact us today with any concerns involving your garage door.  

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