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    What Is a Carriage Style Garage Door

    Original carriage garage doors were made for horses to enter off cobblestone streets, but their look has stood the test of time. They are still a popular option for modern homes. However, modern carriage style doors have plenty of modern upgrades to help with functionality

    Crafting of the Carriage Door 

    Original carriage doors were created using thick metal hinges that allowed the doors to swing forward. Today’s carriage garage doors do not need to be opened by hand. They can roll up electronically like other modern garage doors.

    Even though modern carriage garage doors do not have the same use as the original versions, attention to detail in their construction allows them to retain the look of original carriage doors, adding elegance and aesthetic appeal to your home. Today’s carriage style garage doors are crafted from wood, steel, vinyl, or composite overlays.

    Choosing the Right Carriage Garage Door 

    When shopping for a carriage garage door, it’s crucial to think about your style, material, and energy efficiency options. You want your garage door to fit your home and needs as much as possible.

    If you’re living in a region where the weather can reach different extremes, you want a garage door that can withstand all the weather in your area. For instance, wood is a beautiful option for your carriage garage door. However, it does require upkeep, especially in wetter climates or areas with extreme temperatures. Steel garage doors are less susceptible to wear and tear from the elements and might be a better option depending on your local climate. You can consult your nearest garage door store to find the best material for you and your home.

    Give your home the elegant look you’ve always wanted this spring with a new garage door. Choose from weather-proof materials and multiple styles. Contact us at American Door to explore carriage-style garage door options today!

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