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    Keep Pests Out of the Garage This Spring

    The weather is warming up, and the pests are coming out! Finding small mammals, bugs, and rodents in your garage might make you uneasy. Your garage is part of your home, and protecting your home from pests is absolutely necessary this spring.

    Here’s how you can stop pests from getting into your garage.

    Why Do Pests Try to Get Into Your Garage?  

    Most people will have encountered some kind of pest in their garage at some point. Pests like to call your garage home because:

    • Your garage offers a cool or warm place for the pests to protect themselves from the elements and predators. This can also happen when any nearby habitats are destroyed.
    • Bugs are attracted to the garage space since it hides them from the sun. There are also often plenty of objects for them to burrow themselves into.
    • There may be tempting smells coming from your garage, especially if you keep garbage, birdseed, or food in the vicinity.

    What Are the Common Types of Pests

    Your home could be susceptible to a variety of pests. The following are some of the most common pests you might encounter:

    •     Rodents
    •     Carpenter ants
    •     Odorous house ants
    •     Pavement ants
    •     Spiders
    •     Termites
    •     Beetles
    •     Sowbugs
    •     Flies
    •     Silverfish
    •     Crickets

    Tips for Keeping Pests Out of the Garage

    It is possible to protect your garage, and your home. Try these tips to get started:

    • Make sure you have removed any existing pests.
    • Ensure the garage is tidy so there are not as many places for pests to burrow.
    • Try to keep the humidity levels low.
    • Keep trash in sealed containers to help eliminate smell and access to pests.
    • Look at the foundation, walls, windows, and ceiling for any cracks or gaps that insects or rodents can fit through. Fill these with the proper material to prevent infestation.
    • Set up traps or deterrents as a precaution.
    • Make sure any food, including birdseed, is stored away correctly where pests cannot access it.
    • Check your garage door for cracks and gaps and keep up with garage door maintenance.

    Don’t let your home be a perfect habitat for pests this spring. American Door is here to help you maintain your garage door so that pests won’t take up shop in your space. Talk to us about maintaining your garage door today.

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