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    American Industrial Door LLC | Benefits of Steel vs. Wood Garage Doors

    Benefits of Steel vs. Wood Garage Doors

    You may have a garage door failing to keep the winter at bay and are dreaming about the garage door you will get to replace. If you’re having difficulty deciding whether to update your garage door with a steel or wood version, know there are several key differences. The garage door best fits you and your home will depend on your climate, budget, and needs.


    Steel garage doors are less expensive than wood models. Wood garage doors are significantly more labor-intensive, especially if you’re looking for a custom design.


    Though wood is a more naturally insulating material, steel doors can be easily insulated. You can either request insulated steel doors or buy a kit to do it yourself. If your current garage door suffers cracks or improper sealing, you’ll find a new, well-fitting, insulated garage door immensely effective at keeping your garage warm.


    Many homeowners prefer the look of the natural wood garage door, which can increase your curb appeal. Natural wood is beautiful, but it can also be harder to maintain its appearance. Wood garage doors also come in many styles and textures. 

    Steel doors come in different textures and styles, and they can even be made to look like wood, with a wood grain texture and raised panels.


    Steel doors require much less maintenance than wood doors and last longer. Going with a cheaper steel door can be permanently affected by seemingly minor scrapes, but a high-quality one will hold up for a long time. Though both garage doors can be subject to dents, rot, and rust, wood doors also require annual refinishing to ensure they last longer. Damp climates can also warp wood.

    Expert Opinions on the Best Garage Door Option

    For high-quality garage doors in wood or steel, we’ve got you covered. Contact the team at American Industrial Door LLC today to determine what garage door works best for you.

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