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    American Industrial Door LLC | How to Keep Your Garage Warm

    How to Keep Your Garage Warm

    As winter arrives, dropping temperatures can make your garage uncomfortable for a long time. Even if you’re only using the garage to commute between your car and house, having an energy-efficient space can be more comfortable. 

    If you tend to spend more time in your garage, whether working in your workshop, fixing the car, or using it as a place to hang loose, you especially want to keep your garage from frigid temperatures. Here are some ways to keep out the cold and prevent heat loss.

    Adding Wall Insulation

    Adding wall insulation can help regulate the temperature in your garage in every season, making it a more comfortable place to be. If your garage is separate from the house, it’s losing a lot of heat during the winter on all sides. 

    Alternatively, a garage that connects to your home will be letting a lot of your house’s heat out if it’s uninsulated, which could be costing you money. Adding the proper insulation to the walls of your garage can help maintain a comfortable temperature and keep any temperature-sensitive items stored there safer.

    Repair Any Cracks in Windows or Doors

    Ensure no cracks in the garage door or windows allow heat to escape or cold air to enter.

    Keep the Door Clear of Ice

    Ice and snow build-up can cause excess strain on the garage door. Ice freezing the entrance to the ground could cause permanent damage. A damaged garage door will be less effective at protecting against the elements.

    Add a Space Heater

    Consider buying a heating unit if you commonly use your garage for long-term projects. These work even more effectively when you use them with a well-insulated garage.

    Insulate Your Door

    If you have a steel garage door, many kits can help you insulate it, often with panels or fiberglass that can be cut to perfectly fit your door. This will ensure your garage door is fully operational and prevents heat loss.

    Energy-Efficient Garage Doors

    If you need a new garage door to keep you warm this winter, contact American Industrial Door LLC today and let our professional team help you.

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