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    Wood Garage Door Maintenance

    Wood garage doors can be a stylish, durable, long-lasting option that’s sure to enhance your curb appeal. One of their disadvantages is that they need proper and consistent maintenance to make sure they’re working and looking their best. If you have or are considering getting a wooden garage door, here are a few tips to keep your door in proper condition.

    Keep It Clean

    While it may not seem like excessive dirt and grime can hurt a wooden door, it can lead to deterioration and rot. Combatting this is simple — at least once a year, you just need to gently wash the door with soap, water, and a rag.

    Avoid Pests

    Some pests, such as termites and beetles, consume wood. Others, such as carpenter ants, burrow inside of wood to make nests. You can keep your door safe by keeping the pests away and taking action if you think your door is being eaten.

    Pay Attention

    One of the best ways to keep your wood garage door looking great is to inspect it regularly and keep an eye out for different problems or damages. This includes looking it over every so often to spot any dirt, cracks, or signs of pests, as well as testing the wood itself. For example, if you’re concerned about water damage, fungus, and wood rot, you can stab the door with a screwdriver to see if it’s soft. You should also be proactive about sealing up cracks and holes, removing chips or peeling paint, and calling for help if you think more repairs are needed.

    Get Professional Assistance

    If you’re concerned about the state of your wooden garage door and don’t know how to fix it yourself, then it’s time to call a professional. American Industrial Door LLC can help you repair or replace your damaged wooden garage doors. Contact us today

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