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    Security Shutter Maintenance Tips

    Your roll-up window security shutters might be designed to protect you from storm damage, intruders, and other security risks, but that doesn’t mean that your shutters will never require repairs or maintenance. Here are some tips for keeping your security shutters in good condition. 

    Keeping Them Clean

    If your shutters are jammed or won’t roll up correctly, you might be dealing with dirt and dust buildup. Luckily, your shutters can be easily cleaned. Just spray them down with a hose before cleaning them up with a soapy sponge. The ideal soap to use is one with a low pH, such as car wash soap.

    Using the Right Lubricants

    Lubricating your security shutters isn’t a terrible idea, but you must use the correct lubrication. Silicon-based lubricants can cause the metal to rust or make any plastic become brittle. Meanwhile, if the lubricant is sticky, you’ll just attract more dust and dirt. Use an anti-static spray instead.

    Checking for Damage

    Security shutters can suffer from basic wear and tear after being used for a while. Unfortunately, this doesn’t only mean that they might eventually break down. A door security shutter could become dangerous if it’s not working right. Check for damage to the cables, door springs, rollers, electronic operators, and more. Notably, if your shutters make a weird noise, they’re probably beginning to break down.

    Getting Repairs and Replacements

    Sometimes, the only way to maintain security shutters is to contact the professionals. You may be dealing with damage outside of your control, or you may want to upgrade to something newer and stronger. A worn down, rusted, or broken shutter won’t help you to keep your property safe, so this is a matter of protection. American Industrial Door LLC can help you repair or replace your old and damaged security shutters. Contact us today to learn more.

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