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    A Brief History of Garages

    Garages have become so commonplace nowadays that you may not ask how and why they were created. There is a lot of history behind why our garages look the way they do, why they function the way they function, and why they even exist.

    The Beginning

    The garage is about as old as the automobile, but before garages were invented, people needed outbuildings to keep their horses and buggies. These were also known as carriage houses. As such, a new type of “carriage house” became necessary when cars became more and more common. After all, storing the cars in the current outbuildings wouldn’t do.

    This is when people began to make mass garages that could hold multiple cars. People would pay to keep their cars there. Unlike modern parking garages, the cars would stay there long-term, and owners would be charged about $20 monthly. That’s about $300 in today’s money!

    Individual Garages

    Eventually, the mass garage became too full, and people wanted to have their cars stay closer to home. Thus, they returned to the carriage house idea, but instead of horses, they made them specifically for their cars. The word “garage” comes from the French word “garer,” which means to shelter or protect.

    Early garages were different from the ones we know today. They didn’t have overhead doors but rather conventional doors that would swing open. It didn’t change much until 1921 when C.G. Johnson invented the first overhead garage door. With this new technology, garages suddenly became much more like the ones we still use today!

    Since Then

    Garages are still changing and adapting with the times, even if the changes aren’t as revolutionary as the overhead door. Door styles, in particular, evolved a lot to match architectural styles, which is why we have so many options today.

    Install or Repair a Garage Door

    Now that you know more about where modern garages come from, you may be interested in installing a new one or repairing the one you already have. That’s where American Industrial Door LLC comes in. Contact us today.

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