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    What Security Shutters Protect You From

    Security shutters are becoming increasingly popular, even in places you wouldn’t expect. They’re designed mostly as a security measure and are suitable to protect you and your home from all kinds of damage and destruction. We’ll count down a few things that security shutters can protect you from.


    One of the main advantages of security shutters is that they’ll keep intruders out. 

    Most intruders want an easy break-in. They don’t want to spend a long time working their way inside because they’re more likely to be caught if they aren’t fast. Security shutters act as an extra barrier, which means your home is more likely to stay safe, even if you live in an area with high crime rates.


    Storm shutters are a special kind of security shutter whose purpose is to keep you safe from nasty weather. A good set of storm shutters can withstand strong winds, bad blizzards, and even hurricanes. Even if they get damaged, their job is to keep your doors and windows from being even worse off and keep you from dealing with a trashed house.


    Did you know the sun can be just as damaging as any other bad weather? Sunny, hot days can be devastating even in a cloudy climate like Oregon. From metal getting warped and discolored to windows getting warm to the touch and fabric fading, the sun is something that your house needs protection from.

    Security shutters will cover your windows and provide shade, blocking you from the heat and intense light. Of course, if you want to let some of that natural sunlight in, you can just roll up the shutter. It’s up to you.

    Security Shutter Services

    At American Industrial Door LLC, we can help you install or repair your security shutters so that they can protect your home. Contact us today to learn more.

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