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    Maintaining Your Garage Door This Summer

    The summertime can be brutal on everyone and everything, and that includes your garage door. You may not think that your door will be able to get harmed by intense sunlight, high temperatures, summer storms, or pests, but think again. Additionally, with more free time and better weather, there’s no better time to keep your garage in good shape.

    This summer, you should practice proper maintenance to ensure your garage door stays as sturdy and protective as it should be.

    Wax and Clean

    To keep your garage door looking good and remaining strong, you’ll need to wax it, and you can’t wax it until it’s clean. Use a garden hose and some mild detergent to remove any dirt that has built up on the door. Then, you can use car wax on the garage door.

    This is also a good time to lubricate your garage door’s metal parts, such as the hinges and tracks. Just don’t go overboard, as you’ll end up with more dirt to remove.

    Apply Insulation

    Keeping your garage properly insulated won’t just protect your door. It’ll also protect the interior, keeping things nice and cool. The best insulation to use is polystyrene insulation. This keeps the heat out, keeps your energy bills down, and even protects you from excessive moisture buildup!

    Checking for Damages

    Over time, your garage will suffer from wear and tear. When your parts go rusty, sticky, loose, or otherwise break, it can make your garage difficult or dangerous to use. In order to maintain the quality of your garage door, use this time to check for problems. Some may be fixable as a DIY project, but others will need a professional repair service or replacement.

    Contact American Industrial Door

    One way to keep your garage door in great shape this summer is to contact American Industrial Door. With our repair services, high-quality replacements, and passion for garage doors and security shutters, we’ll keep you safe all year long.

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