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    4 Common Causes of Garage Door Spring Breaks

    Garage door springs are an important component of being able to open and close your door. When they wear down or break, you could end up with a door that opens and shuts too quickly or one that refuses to open or close at all. Understanding why this happens is just as important as getting the springs repaired. If you can prevent issues from happening, you can prolong the lifespan of your garage door.

    Wear and Tear

    The simplest answer is that your garage door springs can break after being used for a long time, even if you take good care of your garage. Typically, springs are only built to last for 10,000 cycles — that’s one cycle every time the garage door is opened and closed. Assuming an average of two daily cycles, your springs may be ready to break after about 13 years.


    When your springs get rusty, they become brittle and are more likely to break. Rust also adds extra friction, which makes the coils even weaker. You can keep this from becoming a reality by lubricating your springs every so often.

    Cold Weather

    Cold weather can make metal turn brittle. If you live in a cold area, you may experience more problems as a result. Keep your garage door well insulated, and ensure you’re using high-quality springs to last longer.

    Poor Maintenance

    One of the biggest reasons your springs might fail is improper maintenance. The better care and attention you give to ensuring your garage door works correctly, the less likely your springs will suffer before you notice anything happening. Regularly washing away dirt, covering the door in wax, paying attention if the door seems loose or sticky, and repairing any damages you notice, you can keep your garage door springs working as intended.

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