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    Keeping Your Garage Cool This Summer

    As temperatures rise, keeping things cool becomes about more than mere comfort. When things are too hot, they can warp, break, and get destroyed in multiple ways. Your garage needs to keep cool so that your car doesn’t suffer from heat damage, but doing this will not be as simple as just installing an air conditioner. Here are some tips on keeping your garage from overheating.

    Park Your Vehicle Outside

    It may seem a little contradictory to keep your recently used car in the hot sun for a while, but it’s a very common and clever way to keep your garage cool. This is because your recently used car will continue to give off heat, so leaving it outside will let that heat dissipate safely before you bring it into the garage.


    Trapped heat is never good; you want to let some air in and provide some ventilation. Open your door just enough to let the heat escape without allowing intruders to sneak through and leave the windows open. Don’t open the door that leads into your house – cars can let off toxic emissions, which should not be allowed indoors.

    Close the Door

    Just as letting the door stay open can help, so can closing the door when things get too hot. When temperatures spike, keeping the garage door closed can keep you safe from excess heat and harmful sunlight. 

    Get Rid of Clutter

    If your garage is full of excess clutter, this clutter can trap heat within it. This means that you can cool your garage down simply by cleaning it out occasionally, allowing you to open up the space and keep things cool simultaneously.

    Contact American Industrial Door

    If you would like a garage door to keep things properly insulated, American Industrial Door can help. We can provide the replacements and repairs you need to beat the heat this summer, so contact us today

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