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    When to Replace Commercial Garage Doors

    Commercial garage doors can last for several decades, depending on how often they’re used. However, garage doors will slowly decay and weaken even with routine maintenance checks. If you’re a business owner unsure when to replace your garage door, check for the following signs.

    Utility Bills Are High

    The heat and cold can be problematic for your business, but your garage doors can help block them out and keep utility costs down. If you notice your utility bills increasing, you may have poor insulation. Garage doors can also begin to crack and weaken over time, allowing heat or cold air to find its way in.

    Safety Concerns

    Commercial garage doors are great security tools for your business, but a faulty door creates an easy entry point for thieves. Also, a damaged garage door could cause severe injuries to your staff, resulting in hefty legal and financial issues. Replacing your garage door with a more robust and more secure model can be an ideal option if safety is a concern.

    New Security Measures

    Modern garage doors include new security measures to keep everyone safe. For example, photo-eye sensors will stop a door from operating if it detects movement, preventing it from collapsing on a worker or customer. If your garage door is old and unstable, consider replacing it with something safer. Newer garage doors can also be equipped with alarms once you get them set up — providing you with peace of mind. 

    We Install Commercial Garage Doors

    Our team at American Industrial Door specializes in installing a wide array of garage doors for residential and commercial clients. We install one-piece, sectional, aluminum, and service garage doors throughout the Central Point, OR, area, and we’re prepared to assist you. Contact us today to learn how we can serve you.

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