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Now that the holiday season is winding down and homeowners are switching gears to resolutions and goals setting, this is the time of year when you might be planning the installation of your new garage door. The garage door on your home is the biggest point of entry for your entire house and it takes […]

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If you enjoy doing projects around the home or hosting friends and family for the holidays, you could stand to have a bit more space to set things ups. Having a well-insulated and working garage could mean all of the difference for extra workspace in your home. Additionally, if your water heater or laundry area […]

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Many homeowners enjoy doing spring home improvement projects around the house this time of year. These projects can greatly improve the comfortability of the home as well as the value. Some projects might be things like organizing or decluttering a closet or, even cleaning out the attic. Other projects are a little more involved like […]

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Your garage door is the biggest piece of machinery around in your home. While some appliances are large and important, none of them compare to the size and importance of your garage door. In fact, your garage door is also the largest point of entry to your home. So, it stands to reason that your […]

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