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    Choosing The right Material For Your Garage Doors

    Garage doors add home value

    value garage door materialYour home’s garage door serves more than just a functional purpose. Sure it keeps intruders out and allows you the convenience of not getting wet during a rainstorm (granted you have an automatic opener), but the ideal material can also boost curb appeal.

    A good garage door makes all the difference!

    In regards to cosmetic improvements, replacing an existing door is often an affordable option for homeowners that can deliver a healthy return on investment. If you were in the market to buy a house, would you be turned off by a dented, rickety garage door that screeches when opening?

    A lot of people would be, so consider updating yours if it is outdated or simply unappealing! There are now many types of door materials available, so selecting the right one can be challenging for individuals unaware of the pros/cons. You will need to decide where durability, style and function lie on your list of must-haves, not to mention what kind of budget you are working with.

    Which material is right for you?

    • Wood – in terms of eye-catching appeal, you will be hard pressed to find anything better than classic hardwood. This traditional door material comes in a wide variety of types (e.g. redwood, cedar, mahogany) and provides a great amount of resistance to minor bumps and blows. The main downside of hardwood is that it tends to be the most pricy, though one way to get around the cost factor is to install a lightweight frame encased in plywood and foam insulation. This is much cheaper than solid true-frame models, but mimics the appearance. Also keep in mind that regular repainting and/or restaining is a must for any wooden garage door.
    • Steel – the go-to choice for people concerned primarily with keeping people out and having a reinforced garage. The top advantages of this material are its strength and low-maintenance needs, but it is not immune to dents and dings. Most come with lifetime warranties, so that is definitely a plus!
    • Aluminum – homeowners with money to spend will be interested in a heavy-duty, aluminum frame. In addition to being relatively lightweight, you cannot beat rust-proof garage door that resistant to dents. Expect to pay $10,000 for a quality aluminum model; want to pay less? Go with a hybrid polyethylene frame!
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