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    Keeping unwanted invaders out of your garage

    Tips for Keeping Intruders Out of Your Garage
    16452583_sFor many homeowners, the garage is a primary entry and exit point. However, it pays to consider the issue with leaving the house unprepared. You can never be too careful, and certainly do not want to come home to an unauthorized break-in. Here are some simple tips from the pros to keep out unwanted troublemakers.

    Keeping Your Garage Safe from Unlawful Intrusion
    • Keep your garage door and windows locked. This century old rule always applies. Install locks right away for all openings if you do not have them already. This also applies to the inside door of your garage. It will help secure your garage if an unwanted guest is already inside.
    • Never leave your door open when at home. It will attract potential thieves to target your house if they get a peek of the valuables inside the garage. A little caution goes a long way.
    • Do not leave the remote to the door in plain view. Instead, conceal it in a place where no one can see. The glove department is one such area. If you are worried about car theft, buy a keychain large enough to accommodate the remote.
    • Always make your home appear occupied, and make it difficult to break into. When leaving your home unattended, keep the lights on. If you are planning a long trip, you should consider setting up a timer that will turn the lights on and off randomly after every so many hours.
    • If your door opener was manufactured pre-2000, head over or otherwise, you should consider buying a new one that features roll over technology. These are nearly impossible to hack. Old garage doors can be hacked via a radio transmitter with a couple of attempts. You would not want that happening to you.

    If you are too busy to attend to the necessary things to make your garage safer, or find it difficult to do all this techie stuff by yourself, you can hire us. We specialize in making your garage safe and secure from intruders.

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