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    How to Clean Your Security Shutters

    Ensure Clean Shutters With These 4 Steps

    Your security shutters protect your home from break-ins, harsh weather, and other dangers. In order to keep them in optimal shape, you should take the time to keep them clean at least once or twice a year. Not only will the shutters function properly, but they will also enhance the security and look of your home. Take the following steps to cleanse your rolled shutters.

    1. Get the Right Materials

    Before you start cleaning your security shutters, make sure you assemble the correct cleaning materials. Use a neutral detergent to avoid damaging the shutters. You’ll also need a soft cloth, a soft, bristled brush, as well as some clean water. In order to clean between the guides, you’ll also need a hose.

    1. Wipe Down

    First, you’ll want to get rid of immediate grime, dirt, and other noticeable spots. Use the soft cloth, water, and mild detergent to wipe the shutters down. This will get rid of any general pollutants in your shutters and make it easier to clean the rest.

    1. Clean the Closed Shutters

    Spray detergent in the closed shutters and use the cloth or the soft brush to clean them up and down. Using this technique, you’ll prevent the slats from becoming rearranged or damaged, which will affect the function of your shutters. Rinse the shutters with more clean water. Make sure the shutters are dry before proceeding to the next step.

    1. Get Between the Guides

    Finally, you’ll need to get between the guides to ensure a thorough cleaning. Raise the curtain to fully open the guides and use your brush to clear any debris and built-up obstructions within. Clean them by using a water hose set on low pressure so the water passes through the guides without damaging the shutters. Ensure the shutters are completely dry before closing the curtain.

    By following these steps, you’ll maintain your security shutters in a top condition that will also benefit the rest of your home.

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